Letter to the Editor: Rokita Right About Shutdown

OUR Constitution says all fiscal bills (budget and any other bills that impact the budget) will originate in the House of Representatives.  The House has repeatedly passed sensible budgets, only to see them blocked by the Senate Democrat majority.  Each time House leadership has been invited to the White House for “negotiations” on the budget, the President has told them, “We will not negotiate,” meaning, “It’s MY way or the highway.” 

A September CNN poll revealed that only 39 percent of Americans supported Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act).  Renowned economists confirm we’re all going to pay significantly more for health care.  Yet, Washington Democrats—including the President—insist Obamacare will NEVER be a point for negotiation.  Gee . . . that’s grown-up, common-sense leadership, huh?

House Republicans have never ONCE said their intent was not to fund necessary government services.  However, Harry Reid and President Obama have stated the opposite—on national TV.

Orders to keep citizens from visiting OUR national parks, monuments, museums and memorials came from the TOP—not from House Republicans, the ones who physically broke down barriers, so World War II veterans could view THEIR memorial.  OPEN YOUR EYES, AMERICANS!

Congressman Todd Rokita has remained true to the values of his district’s majority.  We’ve asked him to stand his ground in the fight to save our tax dollars and preserve our liberties and freedoms. Liberal media obviously prefer that our congressman, instead, surrender to the stubborn-headed Democrat leadership.

Stand strong, Todd, and hold your head high!

Connie Basham

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