Purdue Student Elections 2013!

UPDATE: Voting has closed! I hope you all took the time to vote for the candidates that you want to see in office next year. Remember to visit us here on the Purdue Review to find out who”s going to be representing your schools and the university at large on Sunday, April 7!

It”s that time of year again, people! Make sure to make it out to any of the polling places posted on campus or log in to GetInvolved to vote for your Senatorial and Presidential tickets for the 2013 Purdue Student Government elections!┬áCheck out Purduesg.com and read the bios and platforms for all the candidates to make the right choice. In the elections tab, everything you need to know your candidates is casino online nl right there.

President/VP Ticket
Kyle Pendergast/ Meg Highley
Kacie Nice/ Adam V. Dean
Bobby Egan/ Erin Whittaker

Agriculture Senator
Jacob Mattox
Joe Lincoln

Engineering Senator
Abhinav Agrawal
Haoran Wang
Jordan Leising
Veer Patil

Health & Human Sciences
Beiqian Xu (Michael)
Carlee Mae Barmby

Liberal Arts
Alexander Fuller
Jonathan Goodwin
Lauren Tomlinson
Rich Finlay

Joe Kieffer
Jieyu Gao
Joe Viater
Luke Zimmerman
Nicole Ellis

Artemis Wang
Brooke Fourthman
Daniel Seiltz
Kaley Weber
Vinsen Njotosetiadi

Benjamin Kraus
Binyam Gurmu
Kimberly Branch
Nathan Thomas Craig

Undergraduate Studies
Minjae Kim
Rachel Bibler
Tyler Ayres


Also, the info booths and polling places are as follows:


Info Booths
March 25: Purdue Mall East and Ag Mall (11am-2pm)

March 26: Centennial Mall and Beering (11am-2pm)

March 27: Memorial Mall and Armory (11am-2pm)

March 28: Purdue Mall East and Memorial Mall (11am-2pm)

Polling Places
April 1: Purdue Mall East, CL50, Co-Rec (10am-3pm); Wiley, Earhart, Ford Dining Courts (5pm-8pm)

April 2: Centennial Mall, Memorial Mall, Co-Rec (10am-3pm); Wiley, Earhart, Ford Dining Courts (5pm-8pm)

April 3: Purdue Mall East, CL50, Co-Rec (10am-3pm); Wiley, Earhart, Ford Dining Courts (5pm-8pm)


See you at the polling places and make a difference in your college and for your university!