Bold, impactful prints adorn the walls of the Robert L. Ringel Gallery in the Stewart Center. The subjects and styles of the prints vary immensely; one canvas depicts an elegant fane with muted colors, while another boasts an ornate print of a fairytale princess. They are part of the 鈥楪lobal Matrix IV鈥 international printmaking exhibition, a collection of fine art printmaking by artists from fifteen different countries.

Fine art printmaking refers to the creation of images using different replication methods on paper, fabric, or another 鈥榮upport鈥. All the prints of one image are made from an original plate referred to as a 鈥榤atrix鈥. The matrix can be made from a number of different materials and is responsible for holding the image for the print.

鈥楪lobal Matrix IV鈥 draws attention to the immense variety within this branch of art and the versatility of printmaking techniques. This diversity is what stands out to Jessica Perkins, a freshman gallery attendant.

鈥淚 really like how all the artists, they don鈥檛 come from the same background鈥 she said. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a broad spectrum鈥.

As for her favorite piece in the Ringel Gallery, Perkins was partial to 鈥淔aster Firecracker鈥, by artist Sarah E. Klein.

鈥淚 like the bright red, and how the other colors don鈥檛 distract from the focal point鈥, she explained.

The exhibition is truly special and well worth a visit if ever passing through Stewart. It is a testament to the ever evolving art of printmaking and the artists who practice it.

鈥淢ore people should take the time to come look at the exhibits. It really has a certain mood or tone when you come in the room鈥, said Perkins. 鈥淚 think everyone should come at least once while they鈥檙e here鈥.

鈥楪lobal Matrix IV鈥 will be on display at the Ringel Gallery in Stewart and the Fountain Gallery in downtown Lafayette until February 18th.